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Jessica Robinson
licensed master social worker, licensed masters addictions counselor

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About Jessica (or Jessi!)

"As a social worker and therapist, I strive to honor the significance and complexity of the human experience through an integrative, modern and holistic approach to psychotherapy. I think I've always held the values of a social worker but just never knew what to call them or that I could actually make a career out of them, and for that I feel grateful. The few that speak most closely to my heart are: social justice, service, dignity and worth of a person and importance of human relationships. I am an introvert and spend most of my time in my head---observing and analyzing. For those of you who are familiar with or care about personality types, I am an INFJ. Take from that what you will, even if it's nothing. I encourage you to be thoughtful and to take your time when trying to find the right therapist. There is nothing wrong with shopping around a little bit. When I hear people say, "therapy doesn't work for me," my first thought is usually that they just haven't found the right one. Clinical approaches aside, you are not always going to jive with every therapist on a personal level, so finding the right fit is usually more than half the battle. It truly does make all the difference."


Check out Jessi's website to learn more about her!

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